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La Petite Brenne | Naturistencamping in Frankrijk


We offer a wide activity program; daily activities will be announced on the board in the bar. Most of them are free. Horses and donkeys are part of them, 6 days a week you can look after them, brush them and ride them for free.

We also have two horse-drawn carriages: an antique one for the donkeys and a ten people carriage pulled by our superb mare Bellefleur. Anyone can join in. Should you want to go for a ride the Brenne’s forest, you will find horse riding clubs around the campsite.

We also organize creative activities such as arts, sculpture or mosaics.

For those who like music we organize musical evening once a week to which anyone can take part by singing, playing music or simply by enjoying the good atmosphere. The music room is available to train with our music instruments such as piano, guitars and bongos at your disposal.

Once a week is also planned a circus representation made by and for the campers. At your disposal you have circus material to train yourself for the show: set of bowls, skittles, juggling rings, tightrope, unicycle, diabolo or big balloons to stand and walk on.

You can go for volleyball, football, running or aquagym.
Saturdays’ great event is the go-cart race as entertaining for entrants than spectators.

Sauna is opened three times a week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. But we have also special sauna sessions for kids or scrubbing session.

You can relax thanks to massages with one of our three masseurs.
Big events sometimes joins campers to organizers: the ghost-hunt or horse riding show for example. We are fond of having new ideas, do not hesitate to communicate any wish you could have concerning special events. Or organize something yourselve.